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planning your big day Amidst the aura of love plunge into our English wedding poems.
Speaking to the heart let the words communicate romantic sentiments. Your love poems, beautifully penned.
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Each wedding poem we’ve gathered conjures the feelings that establish your love story as being different from any other,
whether you’re writing vows or looking for standing. Analyse the powerful English poetry which describes the process of love.

Beautiful Line wedding poems about love english

Such are two hearts entwined in the arms of Love
A union pure forever bind
As we go through life we will hold hands
United they conquest a love so big

wedding poems about love english2

Promises are made vows are underway
An eternally binding one, not to wither
Love’s tapestry woven colors bright
A wedding day a lovely light

wedding poems about love english3

fitting the lovers to the dance of love a waltz so sweet
The souls connected a destiny was to meet
In all the summer come what might
Love melodies in hearts will ring

wedding poems about love english4

A star crossed romantic tale
Filled with Kisses about to go far!
It was through laughter and through tears side by side
Love forever a eternal wand

wedding poems about love english5

Under the moon’s gentle glow
A vowed a budding love
Through sunsets and sunrises anew
Together always forever true

wedding poems about love english6

Flowers wither in the garden of love
A bride and groom hearts in concord
For better or worse for richer for poorer
A tale of love about to unfold

wedding poems about love english7

Rings are exchanged to close a circle
Love’s journey oh so sweet
Hour to hour in summer and winter alike hand in hand
Proving love’s power

wedding poems about love english8

As pages of time a turn a leaf chapter
As the story develops love propounds the issue of passion
Around valleys low and mountains high
Two spirits fly away touching the sky

wedding poems about love english9

On the Canvass of life love paints her picture
Written from the heart a masterpiece
By secret words of belovedness and hints of winning with grace
A life entwining a sacred clasp

wedding poems about love english10

Love flows as strong current
Carrying hearts with them belonging exactly there
Twisted and Turned a lifelong stream of cons / pro
The adore narrative the splendid fantasy-dream

Beautiful Line what is love poem wedding

wedding poems about love english11

Is love not gentle wind
Whispering secrets through the trees
From your eyes a reflection of a divine
A promise made forever thine

wedding poems about love english12

Love is a dance, a lovely tune
Two palpitating hearts to march on forever
From peaks to valleys joined at the hand
A journey of love destined to happen

wedding poems about love english13

Within the tranquility of starlit night
Love is the heat a beacon of light
Through the dark, a ray so bright
Love story an eternal fligh

wedding poems about love english14

Love thus is the day’s own sun.
Following day dreams keeping darkness away
In your arms a haven found
An echoing love eternally tied

wedding poems about love english15
wedding poems about love english

Love is just a soft fire
Burning bright never the same
Through laughter and tears a continuous fire
A love that uplifts carries you above


Love is a song, the tune a tint of music
In the heart crystal clear
In harmony with life’s symphony a blend.
A love that never ends An everlasting love it will stand


In those silent instances love will whisper
Caress, gently is this love
In words unsaid a deep connection
A love that pledges never to leave


Love is an ever- blooming garden
With perfumed flowers running with light
Love which transcends the turn of seasons
An undamaged bond solid extensive


What is love but a holy oath
Mumbled under the moon light
Come whatever drives it down or beats it way up through storms and the shining sun by osnap or thickness.
A wining love story


Love is the background colors radiant
Sketching a picture pure and white
A masterpiece above in the gallery of time
A love for all time a coupling of love

Beautiful Line poems about marriage and love

In the tapestry of marriage threads so fine
Two souls entwined a love divine
Through life’s journey hand in hand
A partnership strong forever planned


Marriage is a garden tended with care
Love’s blossoms blooming fragrant in the air
Through seasons changing a love that grows
In the heart’s soil a forever rose


A marriage is a journey, an endless quest
Through joy and sorrow, we are truly blessed
With each step taken side by side
Love’s compass guides a steadfast guide


Love in marriage is a flame aglow
A warmth that deepens a steady flow
Through trials faced and victories won
A union forged, two hearts as on


In the book of love a marriage writes
Chapters of joy and occasional fights
Through laughter and tears the pages turn
A love story forever to burn


Marriage is a dance a graceful twirl
A partnership that makes the heart swirl
Through graceful steps and moments grand
Love’s melody plays a lifelong band


Two souls united a marriage begun
A journey of love under the sun
Through sunrises and sunsets so gold
A love story beautifully told


Marriage is a promise, sealed with a kiss
A bond unbroken a moment of bliss
Through thick and thin come what may
Love in marriage will always stay


In the sanctuary of marriage hearts reside
A love that withstands the test of tide
Through calm and storm a lighthouse tall
Guiding each other never to fall


Love in marriage is a tapestry rare
Woven with patience handled with care
Through years that pass like the flight of a dove
A timeless story of marriage and love

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