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Love’s Journey

In the garden of life, love grows.
A trip together, through the peaks and troughs of happiness.
Hand in hand, heart to heart.
A love story, an art.

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Two Souls Unite

Two separate souls now intertwined.
A love so true, forever bind.
Side by side through life’s ups and downs,
In love and laughter, let joy be our compass.

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wedding poems for ceremony english

Eternal Vows

Today we stand, holding hands.
Vow to stand forever.
Through sunsets and storms we’ll endure,
Our love, the eternal fire that burns together.

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Promise of Forever

With this ring, a vow we take.
A promise to keep, for love’s sake.
Come what may, through thick and thin.
Forever and always, in each other’s thrall.

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The Dance of Love

Our love will move like a dance.
A rhythm familiar to the two of us only.
Slowly we will march together.
A dance of love that will never be undone.

The Perfect Harmony

In the symphony of life, we discover our rhythm.
Two in tune, a love that will make one faint.
We shall sing a song so sweet.
Our love story is the eternal beat.

Sacred Union

Today, we stand under love’s embrace.
A union, steeped in grace.
As we vow, our souls unite.
A love so divine, eternally yours.

A Love Evergreen

The leaves of a faithful tree,
Our love flourishes, unrestrained and free.
In times of transition, we’ll survive.
A love so eternal, eternally pure.

Beyond the Horizon

We walk hand in hand.
Towards a future, large and majestic.
Our love will fly beyond the horizon.
Forever and always, for evermore.

Hearts Alight

Two burning hearts.
A flame lit from above.
In life’s path, we will never be apart.
An endless love, a masterpiece.

Whispers of the Heart

In the soft murmurs of the heart,
An everlasting love story.
In laughter and tears, hand in hand
We will travel, through the sand.

Promise of the Morning

And with the dawn of this special day,
Our love is radiant in every form.
For every dawn a fresh promise.
Always and forever, you and I.

Eternal Bond

On the cloth of time we weave.
A love that will never depart.
Bound together, our souls entwined,
An eternal love, forever defined.

Infinity of Us

As stars in the vastness of space,
Our love is endless; there are no chances.
In galaxies of happiness, we will move.
Infinite love, our everlasting abode.

The Promise We Keep

With this ring, we vow.
A promise of love, no space for sorrow.
Through valleys low and mountains high,
For eternity and ever, the vow we hold true.

Sunset Dreams

With the colours of a setting sun,
Our love story is just starting.
By twilight’s and morning’s dim.
We will chase every shared dream together.

A Garden of Love

Love is a garden, sweet and fresh,
A place where two hearts will always be visible.
Seasons of joy and moments of strife,
Our love will blossom, eternal life.

Stars of Us

Like stars twinkling in the velvet night sky.
Shine our love, never say farewell.
Hand in hand through the cosmos.
A love that is eternal and never ending.

The Ocean of Us

Like an endless sea, our love…
Infinite waves of passion.
In every wave, our love will be reborn.
A shared journey, that lasts forever.

In This Moment

In this instant, we are united.
A love journey, a life started.
Through everything, hand in hand.
Forever and ever, as the waves.

Professional Line Short wedding poems for ceremony

Love’s Promise

Two hearts, one beat,
A love so sweet.
In vows we confide,
Forever, by your side.

Together Forever

Hand in hand, we stand,
A union so grand.
Love’s story unfolds,
In hearts, it’s told.

Eternal Rings

Gold rings, a true circle.
Binding me and binding you.
A promise you made, a vow so binding.
Our love is always flying.

Sunset Kisses

Like sunsets in the west,
Our love, the very best.
A kiss, a vow, an eternity of bliss.
My everlasting abyss in your arms.

Love’s Canvas

Life’s canvas, blank and wide,
Every step with you is filled with love.
A masterpiece, our story true,
Always and forever only me and you.

Joyful Tears

Tears of joy, hearts entwined,
A one of a kind pure love.
In laughter and in silent tears.
Our love shows up over time.

Whispers of Forever

Whispers of forever, gentle and tender.
A romance, our hearts fulfilled.
In this second, we jump.
Forever and ever our promises we will keep.

The Promise We Make

With this ring, we share a vow.
A promise made, beyond compare.
In times of highs and lows, thick or thin.
A love story, just starting.

In Your Arms

Into your arms I find my shelter.
A love so deep, ever to wander.
Through sunshine and stormy weather,
Always and forever, we’re together.

Hearts Aligned

Two connected hearts, a universal rhythm
A sweet love, and an everlasting opportunity.
Today we say ‘I do’ and then,
It will be forever and ever, again and again.

Love’s Symphony

Within the symphony of our love,
A melody sent from above.
We compose together, hand in hand.
Forever love, forever we stand.

Evergreen Love

As the evergreen, our love will not lose color.
In the sun and in the shade.
Through seasons changing, we’ll remain,
Love’s wonderful chorus forever and ever.

Infinity Rings

The symbol of love rings.
Binding me and binding you.
A promise made, a ring of divine.
Forever yours, forever mine.

Dance of Hearts

Tied in hearts, a dance so rare.
So deep love, perfect pair.
Today we dance, our vows we swear.
Forever together, come what may.

Sunrise Promises

As the sun rises and colors the sky,
Our promises, never to deny.
At morning’s dawn and in the dusk of evening,
Our love will keep growing together.

Starlight Dreams

On the dark night, under the stars.
Our love glows like a bright sun.
A vow under the celestial glare.
For eternity and evermore, in each other’s dream.

Ocean of Love

Love, wide as the sea.
With you, I’ll always abide.
Waves of joy and currents deep,
Keep our love forever and ever.

Together We Soar

As birds of a feather, we fly.
Such a love, feels just perfect.
By blue skies and storms we endure.
We fly together, forever and ever.

Promise of Today

Today we pledge, today we swear
Such a love, here and now.
In every bend and curve,
For all time and eternity, we will long for each other.

The Beginning

At this point, a trip begins.
A love story, two heartbeats.
Hand in hand with every step,
Forever united in love’s great stage.

2024 Professional Line Famous poems about marriage

Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

Should I compare thee to a summer day?
“Thou art fairer and more temperate…”

“A Marriage” by Rainer Maria Rilke

Let these vows and this marriage be blessed.
Let sweet milk this marriage be like wine and halvah.

“How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the limit of my depth my breadth and my height.
My soul can reach…”

“i carry your heart with me” by E.E. Cummings

I carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart).
my heart) i always have it inside of me.

Christopher Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”

Live with me and be my love.
All the pleasures, we shall prove…

John Donne’s “The Good-Morrow”

And good-morrow to our waking souls,
Which watch does not stare at the other out of fear.

“Union” by Robert Fulghum

“You have been together from the time of first acquaintance to this level of commitment…..

“Marriage Morning” by Alfred Lord Tennyson

“Light, so low upon earth,
You flash the sun.
This is the golden close of love.

Robert Burns’ “A Red, Red Rose”

My love is like a red, red rose.
That’s newly sprung in June…”

“Wild Nights – Wild Nights!” by Emily Dickinson

“Wild Nights – Wild Nights!
Were I with thee
Wild Nights should be
Our luxury!”

John Donne’s “The Sun Rising”

“Busy old fool, unruly Sun,
Why dost thou thus,
Come to us through windows and curtains?

Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Love’s Philosophy”

The fountains blend with the river.
And the rivers with the sea,
The winds of heaven are blending for ever…

“To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet

We were two bodies with but one heart.
If ever husband was loved by his wife, then it is you.
wife was ever happy in a man.

“Love” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

All thoughts, passions, pleasures.
Whatever stirs this mortal frame,
All are but servants of Love…

W.B. Yeats, “The Cloths of Heaven”

My dreams are spread beneath your feet;
Step lightly for you step on my dreams.

“A Birthday” by Christina Rossetti

My heart is a singing bird.
Nest a shoot that is watered.
My heart is an apple-tree.
whose branches are bowed with heavy fruit;

“The Orange” by Wendy Cope

I bought a large orange at lunchtime.
The funny thing about it was its size.
I took the skin off and gave it to Robert and Dave

Robert Browning’s “Meeting at Night.”

The gray sea and the long black land.
And the great and low yellow half-moon…

Tupac Shakur’s “The Rose That Grew from Concrete”.

Have you heard of the rose that grew
through a concrete crack?
To prove that nature’s law is incorrect,
Walked without feet.”

“Union” by Robert Fulghum

“To laugh often and much;
To gain the respect of intelligent individuals
and the affection of children;
To win the respect of honest critics
and suffer the betrayal of false friends.

Wedding poems read by friends Professional Line 2024

Love’s Journey:

In the dance of life, two hearts meet.
Beginning a journey, this love will grow.
Together, through the peaks and valleys,
They will triumph together as love blooms.

Promise of Forever:

Today we celebrate a true love.
Two people promising.
This holy vow marks the beginning of eternity.
Now your days shall be full of joy and laughter.

A Love Unwritten:

On the pages of love, a story emerges.
The story of two hearts, in a love that shapes.
This is the beginning, a new chapter.
May you be happy in all your endeavors.

Eternal Embrace:

Your love is like a song.
Joy’s echoes, carried by love.
May your embrace last forevermore,
Love’s sweet and pure symphony.

Unity of Souls:

Two souls intertwined, in a heavenly dance.
A union of hearts, delicate as a fine silk thread.
On every sunrise and on every set of the sun.
May your love be a chain, one that will stay.

Love’s Canvas:

Life is the canvas, love is the brush.
A picture painted, a gentle murmur.
The colors of passion, the brushstrokes of grace.
A masterpiece conceived in love’s arms.

Promise of Tomorrow:

Today you vow, tomorrow your life.
A promise of love that only shall give.
May your love renew with every day.
Building for a bright tomorrow.

Cherished Moments:

Tender moments blossom in the garden of love.
Cherished memories, like sweet perfume.
Walking hand in hand along this path,
Let love stand forever.

A Love That Sings:

Love is a song, beautiful and pure.
Singing in jubilation, singing through sorrow.
As you two dance, let the song play.
A love that sings, in every sense.

Sacred Union:

In the holy embrace of two hearts,
A love that never leaves.
Today you stand shoulder to shoulder,
Embarking on a lifelong ride.

Whispers of Forever:

Whispering vows in the soft wind.
Love’s commitment, with such ease.
May your windy love story
Forever, upon which true love is inscribed.

Dance of Love:

Love is a dance, swinging to and fro.
Moving in unison, each day in tune.
As you walk in hand, through life.
May your feet follow love so great.

Promise of the Heart:

A promise is born from the whispers of the heart.
A love that cannot be broken.
Let your love play its part every beat.
A vow that is inscribed on the heart.

Eternal Bond:

Like a river that always flows smoothly, true.
Your love, a connection that constantly bloomed.
With bends and turns,
May your love last, till the road is traveled.

A Love Unveiled:

Love reveals its luminous countenance today.
Together, in an eternal embrace.
From laughter to tears and everything in between,
Let your love story live forever.

Togetherness Symphony:

You participate in the symphony of unity.
The strengthening notes of Love.
My melody be sweet and your harmony strong.
A love that lingers, forever to linger.

Everlasting Knot:

Tying the knot, such a grand and majestic sign.
A handshake sealed a promise.
On this new undertaking.
May your love be forever and faithful.

The Magic of Us:

A love story in the magic of us happens.
A story of warmth; a world so cold.
Let your love be a lighthouse, shining through the night.
Leading you through day and night.

Wedding poems for the couple Beautiful Line 2024

Two Hearts Entwined:

Hearts intertwined, a love so sublime.
A road travelled together, forever shining.
Regardless of the vicissitudes, you will endure.
In each other’s arms, where you both should be.

Love’s Symphony:

You make a love symphony together.
Harmonizing between the below and stars above.
Let your melody be pleasant and your rhythm clean.
Eternal music for life.

Promise of Forever:

Side by side, you walk this aisle,
A vow delivered, a beaming smile.
Everlasting starts with a holy promise.
With love and happiness, now and here.

Unwritten Chapters:

Today begins your story,
A story to be written in love you sail.
May the chapters be happy.
A love so real, pure.

Eternal Unity:

Two souls meet, a dance of eternity.
A deep serenity bound by love.
May the union be mighty, and your bond unbreakable.
A love that endures, forevermore.

A Love Story Unveiled:

In the book of love, your story is unveiled.
A quilt of moments, delicate and daring.
Let each page be full of mirth.
An annual love story beloved.

Promise of Sunrise:

Like a new dawn, a renewed promise.
Your love is shining forever.
As you approach each new dawn, holding hands.
May your love illuminate the life that you have schemed.

Cherished Moments:

In the garden of love, flowers grow.
Cherished moments, like sweet perfume.
At every step, in this sweet dance.
May your love story be a lasting miracle.

Everlasting Vow:

Today you promise, an infinite bond.
A strong commitment high up in the sky.
Through thick and thin, no matter what happens.
Let your love persist, day after day.