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Emotional hurt sad quotes for girlfriend Beautiful Line

Sometimes the worst pain is what is not immediately obvious,
a wound that whispers in the silence of the night and stays in the emptiness of our hearts.

All smiles conceal a tale of anguish worth knowing better the heart.

Yearning, my heart rests in a garden of my emotions,
where a flower of sadness is watered by the tears out of our shattered dreams.

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Emotional hurt sad quotes for girlfriend in english

I gave love a thought that it was supposed to heal but all it did was break me and left me with bruises,
sometimes I wonder, where’d all the pieces go?

It’s an irony that you are no longer here that your absence is like a heavy weight on my chest,
it slowly takes out the air from my lungs and leaves me almost not breathing from a sea of memories.

Just like a melody has no song, I cry in the calm of your departure.

Love supposed to be like sunrise that leads you to optimism. However,
I am comparably drowning in the cesspool of tears, trying to find even the tiniest pebbles on the ocean bottom.

Every heartbeat carries your name,
a soft admonition that the greatest love of all is now just a softly muffled echo in time’s chambers.

When weaving our love friendship, there are some threads of sorrow that get mixed between the moments of joy,
and each one of them being a constant reminder of the deficit.

Whatever difficulties that surface alongside loving someone,
saying goodbye is the most difficult part.
It is the fact that their presence can be nowhere felt which cannot be repaired by anyone else.

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.Each unsaid word that fills my soul is as heavy a burden as silence that echoes in the depths of my heart,
and with the absence of sound, it only grows louder.”

.It is not merely water which makes up the tears I shed but fragments of my fallen dreams – shattered dreams,
which are stuffed with the pain of your absence in my life.”

.Such a drifter in the desert loneliness is my soul, searching forever,
thirsting for the kiss of your love that once fulfilled every whim of my heart.”

.Between the beauty of the landscape of our love, the growth of the flowers and the colors fade,
and eventually are left with the regrets coming from the thorns and the echoes of what would have been possible.”

.Love is a battlefield some times and I‘ve been wounded,
lying in the trenches of my emotions searching for the peace which only your arms caress can bring.”

.Your absence is similar to a giant storm brewing inside me,
breaking down the walls of my heart, wrecking it from the inside out.”

.Each pulse is a record of my heart’s desire to retain the affection I once had,
now gone for good with all the void between us.”

.At night’s quiet of the dark, I can feel as if I am flooded with a sea of memories,
each one a painful, sweet recollection of the love we had once shared, but now lost to the nowhere land.”

.It is like a song without a melody how my heart sings a sad song,
but the notes echo the empty feeling without the sound of your love.

.Each scar tells a story, and mine, well, it tells the story of a love so bright it could’ve illuminated the whole universe,
but today it lies shattered in bits at my feet it is the one painful reminder of everything that was lost.”

Emotional hurt sad quotes for boyfriend Beautiful Line

,The core of my being is tormented now and can be softened by your mere presence. Nevertheless,
at your absence, it is growing painfully and such that it’s almost bleeding.

,Similar to a delicate glass heart which is destined to be broken, mine was just like that,
the moment you left. The sharp edges of the memories that time had left behind dug into me and cut deep.”

,In the silence of the night, the voices of the screams of your laughter,
now, every excruciating memory, become a reminder of what there once was.”

,Every step I walk I begin to feel the ache of your absence, its weight pressing down on me as leaden-haired,
as though a greyish sky crushed down the top of building.”

,(Love) was not created to burden people,
but this is a feeling that I can’t avoid – I am drowning in the abyss of emptiness and loneliness without you next to me.”

,You have to be missing me in your absence,
because the so cold atmosphere comes into my bones as well as freezes me from the inside
and normal everyday life becomes a pain to me as all I could think of is our separation.”

,Even though the new days surely bring the gorge of another day you’re not with me,
still every beam of light gives out shadow of the darkness that has invaded my soul.”

,As if a flower wilting in the absence of water, my heart is torn in pieces when I think about our breakup,
and each heartbeat is a tragic reminder of what we have at stake here”.

,Sometimes being in love is the hardest because you’re witnessing the loved one leave,
but he or she isn’t only packing his or her stuff, but he or she is also grabbing a part of your heart.”

,Under the mask of a smiling face, deep in its heart mourn,
and a voice cries out to be heard that is only the remnant of the love once possessed but now can only be dreamed of.”

Beautiful Line Emotional hurt sad quotes about life

.Grief participates in the composition of life as precisely as joy does, and thus together they create a mosaic of lived emotions as a part of our existence.

.Life is a sonata of highs and lows, yet times can feel like being on a dissonant note in the midst of a chaotic mess with no possibility of finding a harmony.”

.Imagine a ship in the ocean. It is lost, adrift amid seas and currents. Some of them are these waves of grief and uncertainty that keep hitting it.”

.In my galleries of memories, the paintings of happiness are each accompanied by strokes of grief, they are the testimonies of the bittersweet human existance.

‘Life’s scars heal, but they remain marks of the struggles we were through and the inner-strength developed within us.’

.Sometimes it just seems that life is a terrible game; just when you think you have gotten used to the rules, they are changed and the risks become higher than you ever expected them to be.”

.In all the noise that surrounds, there is still the murmur of a sadness in the intervals between breaths, a melancholic string that resonates in the corridors of the soul.”

.Life is a journey full with boulders and bumps, and at times it feels like I am regaining my balance through the darkness in search of a glimmer of light to lead me.”

.Although faces put on a cheerful smile, a world of grief remains, where tears fall and the heart silently throbs, bearing the weight of untold sadness.”

.Our existence’s tapestry includes sorrow as the dark thread that intertwines the fabric and reminds us of the human essence and sensitivity.”

Beautiful Emotional hurt sad quotes short

  • .The pain of a wounded heart is kept in secrecy.”
  • .In the quiet, emptiness is the one that whispers.”
  • .In an emotional context, tear is actually expressing words that our heart is unable to.”
  • ‘Silentness reflects more awfully than words do.’
  • .Tatoos have deep meanings and stories of fights done silently.
  • .Within these shadows, sorrow finds its peace of mind.”
  • .Love lost, echoes remain.”
  • .Pain: a silent scream.”
  • .c’était chaque fois que je recevais des lettres à travers son troisième mur suicidaire.”
  • .Oftentimes, the toughest breakup is the one that you have with yourself”
  • .Each crying drop holds up with it the pressure of a thousand unheard griefs.”
  • .During the darkness of the night, loneliness creeps up like a thief in the silence as my only partner.”
  • .Words that remain unspoken go farther and deeper than even the sharpest of blades.”
  • .Despite the darkness of despair, the light of hope never fades, but the past is still there.
  • .The ache of longing: because a lifelong friend, their travels together with her are an inseparable bond of life.
  • .My heart has the shape of razor glass including the pieces of wrecked dreams.”
  • .If one does not know love, love is simply not a thing”.
  • .As laughter fades off in the background, only the silence that puts a frozen weight on my heart is left behind.”
  • .I walk aimlessly amongst the labyrinth of grief, in the hope of finding that elusive peace.”
  • .Your heart breaks at the thought that love left a gap that cannot be regenerated again.”

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